Programme for the 13th New Zealand Finance Colloquium

All sessions are held at VUW Pipitea Campus.
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12th - 13th February, 2009
Thursday 12th February 2009
12.00pm - 1.25pm Lunch
Venue: Outside RHLT3, Rutherford House
1.25pm - 2.40pm Session 1A:
Asset Pricing
Venue: MZ10
Chair: Toby Daglish
  Pricing Chinese Floating Rate Bonds and Swaps.

Toby Daglish and John Randal
  Commodity Price Behavior with Storage Frictions

Lewis Evans and Graeme Guthrie
  Modelling Stock Prices by Hidden Semi Markov Models.

Haizhen Wu, Philip Cheng and Leigh Roberts
1.25pm - 2.40pm Session 1B:
Market Efficiency
Venue: MZ11
Chair: Ben Marshall
  Does the other January effect have market timing ability?

Ben Marshall and Nuttawat Visaltanachoti
  Return Predictability Revisited.

Ben Jacobsen, Ben Marshall and Nuttawat Visaltanachoti
  Changes of Predictive Variables.

Cherry Zhang
2.40pm - 3.10pm Afternoon Tea
Venue: Outside RHLT3, Rutherford House
3.10pm - 4.25pm Session 2A:
Market Behavior
Venue: MZ10
Chair: Martin Lally
  Determinants of Trading Activity on a Single Stock Futures Market.

Jedrzej Bialkowski and Jacek Jakubowski
  Execution Quality and Individual Order Routing Strategy on Nasdaq.

Ryan Garvey and Fei Wu
  Stock Returns and the Interval of Observation.

Christopher Malone and Luke Anderson
3.10pm - 4.50pm Session 2B:
Venue: MZ11
Chair: Glenn Boyle
  Staying Close to Home: Foreign Bank Participation in Syndicated Loans.

Glenn Boyle and Roger Stover
  New Zealand Credit Union Mergers.

Lynn McAlvey, Alexander Sibbald and David Tripe
  Who is the Supervisor of New Zealand Banks?

William Wilson, Lawrence Rose and John Pinfold
  Determinants of Foreign-Owned Banks Efficiency in New Zealand.

Ying Fang Lu
7.00pm - Dinner
Venue: Grand Century Restaurant, Tory Street
Friday 13th February 2009
9.00am - 10.15am Session 3:
Corporate Governance
Venue: LT3
Chair: Helen Roberts
  Go Along to Get Along?  Pay-Performance Sensitivity and CEO Membership of the Compensation Committee.

Glenn Boyle and Helen Roberts
  Corporate Governance and M&A FDI: Firm-Level Evidence from Japanese FDI into the US.

Joseph Alba, Donghyun Park and Peiming Wang
  When the Going Gets Tough: Board Capital and Survival of New Zealand IPO Firms.

Nongnit Chancharat, Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti and Gary Tian
10.15am - 10.45am Morning Tea
Venue: Outside RHLT3, Rutherford House
10.45am - 12.00pm Session 4:
Corporate Finance
Venue: LT3
Chair: Martin Lally
  Optimal Dividend Policy and Capital Structure in a Multi-Period DCF Framework.

Martin Lally
  Is there a Convergence in the Information Environment Around the World?

Henk Berkman and Nick Nguyen
  Foreign Institutional Investors and Security Returns: Evidence from Indian Stock Exchanges.

Sandhya Ananthanarayanan, Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti and Nilanjan Sen
12.00pm - 1.25pm Lunch
Venue: Outside RHLT3, Rutherford House